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Career Planning Guide

Career Planning Guide

Your journey starts here...

Welcome to the Postgraduate Researcher Career Planning Guide! The University of Exeter Doctoral College have created this suite of resources to support the individual, professional, and career development of PGRs at the University of Exeter and beyond.

These resources provide in-depth information and practical guidance specifically tailored towards postgraduate researchers whether you are thinking about working in academia, industry, self-employment or research.

The resource is designed around the Career Management Cycle and organised in to the following sections:

  • Who am I? – reflecting on your values, skills and attributes
  • Researching opportunities – looking at the wide range of career opportunities available to PGRs
  • Making relevant choices – how to develop the knowledge, skills and experiences to follow your chosen career path
  • Preparing applications – for roles in and beyond academia, as well as  applying for postdoctoral funding
  • What next  – how to manage and futureproof your career

You can work through each section progressively as a course, or dip in and out as you have time. If working through as a course, we recommend your download and complete these activities to identify your goals.

Of course, in order to be competitive we recommend that you begin this process early in your PGR journey so that the transition into work/further research is as smooth as possible; for your own wellbeing as much as for your success! Always remember that there is a huge amount of support available for you during and beyond your postgraduate research to ensure you have a successful and fulfilling career.

For University of Exeter PGRs, we continue to work closely with the central Careers Team (based online, in the Forum on the Streatham Campus and in the Exchange on the Penryn Campus) where you can access 1:1 careers appointments, mentoring and employer events, so please contact us, or the Career Zone should you have any questions.

These resources have been developed by Dr. Kate Massey-Chase, a University of Exeter doctoral graduate and Lecturer at Plymouth Marjon University. They include additional contributions from Cate Bennett, Researcher Development Manager (ECRs); Emma Cole, PGR at the University of Bristol, Kate Foster, Researcher Development Career Coach and Kelly Preece, Researcher Development Manager (PGRs).

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