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Career Planning Guide

Career Planning Guide

Postdoctoral and fellowship funding opportunities

Most Universitites subscribe of Research Professional, a comprehensive searchable online database of research funders and schemes. The service allows users to easily compile detailed searches and set up alerts to keep up to date with announcements in their fields.

University of Exeter campus wide access allows anyone on a campus connection or virtual private network (VPN) to browse the database without needing to log in. You can also login to Research Professional off campus. You can visit the help section for guidance on getting the most out of Research Professional and tailoring it to your preferences.

University of Exeter staff and students can view the sample feeds of funding calls in each of the Colleges below. Please note that there are many more calls within the system.

There are some calls for which Universities will take an institutional approach to selecting and approving submissions. This includes for schemes where demand management is required. The University of Exeter include details of our Coordinated calls here along with the names of the coordinator and key dates to bear in mind. Please note that any internal deadlines will necessarily fall before the funder deadline.

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