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Career Planning Guide

Career Planning Guide

Ongoing reflection and review

We have repeated mentioned the importance of ongoing reflection and review.

This is true on a more macro scale, regarding your research and career-hunting, but it’s also true on a micro level, regarding your learning from these resources. So: let’s reflect, review and consolidate!

  • You have thought about your skills and attributes, as well as your values and what you are looking for in your future career.
  • You have started to research opportunities and consider the plethora of opportunities available to you, both inside and outside the academy.
  • You have a training log on the go.
  • You are keeping an evidence log of your achievements, as well as nice feedback you have received from your peers, students you teach, your supervisors and other academics.
  • You’ve identified your training needs.
  • You’ve looked at job adverts, identified the gaps in your CV and have a plan for how to address them.
  • You understand what’s involved in job application processes and how to prepare for an interview.

Hopefully this feels reassuring – but if it all feels a bit hard to keep on top of, a handy tick sheet might help. You could stick it up above your desk and refer back to it every month or so, to help you keep on track.

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